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Catherine Jackson's Sponsors

Below are the generous people and companies who are sponsored Catherine as a contestant in her pageant endeavors. They are not necessarily the sponsors any particular pageant system.

My Jeweler

My Jeweler is actually Kendall and Catherine's Jeweler and can be your Jewler too. Located at 500 River Oaks West in Calumet City, you will receive superior service and merchandise from terrific people at unbeatable prices. Stop by and tell them you heard about My Jeweler from Catherine's Platform Page.

Hudon's Resturant

This wonderful resturant is owned by a wonderful guy. The food is Jamacian-style and taste terrific. When you go there, you must have the chicken chili.

Dr. Robyn A. Jackson-Flagg

Dr. Jackson-Flagg is located in Calumet City, IL. She is a Catherine's doctor and is very family oriented. Looking for a doctor? Give Dr. Jackson-Flagg a call.

Dr. Flagg

Dr. Flagg, is Dr. Robyn Jackson-Flagg's husband. He is an extremely nice person just like his wife. He is a very experienced doctor who takes helping you look and feel your best very seriously.

Terrah's Intimate Touch

For all of your intimate needs contact Terrah at Terrah's Intimate Touch.

Sunny Dayz Travel Services

Need a Vacation?? Contact Shelia McCray and she will handle all of your traveling needs.

Family and Friends

Family and friends are Catherine's biggest supporter and encouragers. They are alway there for her throughout all of her endeavors. She would not know what to do without them.