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Welcome To Catherine Jackson's Platform Place

This website has been developed to promote Catherine Jackson's, Ms. American Elegance 2005, platform and to bring more awareness to her favorite causes and organizations. Her platform is "Making a World of Difference Through Volunteering and Community Involvement". Catherine works tirelessly to make a difference and positively impact the lives of others through volunteering, while along the way motivating many to do the same.

Imagine a place where everyone is linked together by their good deeds. A place where we all seek out ways to have a positive affect on another's life. A place where everyone in some way helps everyone. To often we overlook the power of a helping hand and providing a positive presence in others lives. Well, such place can exist if each of us takes an active role in volunteering.

Volunteer Now!

The organizations listed below will match volunteers and organizations together. Just click one of the links below and you will be on your way. is the premier website on service and volunteering. Through SERVEnet, users can enter their zip code, city, state, skills, interests, and availability and be matched with organizations needing help. SERVEnet is also a place to search for calendar events, job openings, service news, recommended books, and best practices. Catherine is a Servenet Ambassador and is August 2004's Ambassador of the month. SERVEnet is a program of Youth Service America(YSA), a resource center and the premier alliance of 200+ organizations committed to increasing the quantity and quality of opportunities for young Americans to serve locally, nationally, or globally. YSA's mission is to strengthen the Effectiveness, Sustainability, and Scale of the youth service movement. YSA envisions a powerful network of organizations committed to making service the common experience and expectation of all young Americans. A strong youth service movement will create healthy communities, and foster citizenship, knowledge, and the personal development of young people.

Volunteer Match This site allows users to search for and post volunteer opportunities. Provides registration and search capabilities for non-profit organizations. You can find out what opportunities are in the database, and/or submit requests for volunteers. Search by location, time commitment, and type of work.

Network for Good This site has searchable organization of nonprofit foundations and charities. It provides an opportunity for people to make a donation, become a volunteer, or speak out about a topic when you voice an opinion in the forum. It is a portal with massive backing set up to ease the search for volunteer opportunities and financial donations to charities.

USA Freedom Corps USA Freedom Corps service groups consists of the Citizen Corps, AmeriCorps and Senior Corps, and the Peace Corps. Find out how to volunteer for community service through USA Freedom Corps.

Don't have much time to volunteer? Well, you can still make a difference by giving a few minutes of your time and a few clicks of your mouse every day. In a year you could:
Provide up to 4,000 meals for victims of famine or extreme poverty.
Protect over 80,000 square feet of the Rain Forest and 55,000 square feet of other endangered habitat.
Help defend tens of thousands of endangered species of plants and animals.
Provide countless hours of valuable nursing care for both cancer and AIDS patients.
Plant over 500 trees.
Give financial support to many charities and aid agencies around the world…

Just visit to make free donations to various charities.

Breast Cancer

Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. It is the second leading cause of cancer death for all women and the leading overall cause of death in women between the ages of 40 and 55. 1 out of 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. The American Cancer Society estimates that this year in the United States more than 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and nearly 40,000 women will die from breast cancer.

For these reasons and because this is a disease that hits very close to home, Catherine supports and volunteers for the Susan G. Komen Foundation , Y-ME Breast Cancer Organization and Chicago's Women on A Mission, an African-American breast cancer organization. Give underprevillged women access to mammograms, Click here everyday to fund free mammagrams.

WINGS (Women Involved in Nurturing, Giving, Sharing) is a non-profit Illinois Corporation whose mission is to bring top-quality breast care. WINGS provides comprehensive breast health care services to women in Illinois regardless of their ability to pay. This includes funding for breast health care services, including physicians' fees, outpatient medication and hospital charges. Check out the Illinois WINGS organization at


Lupus is a serious, chronic autoimmune disease. It is hard to diagnose, difficult to manage, incurable, and at times life threatening. Even though lupus is more prevalent in this country than AIDS, sickle cell anemia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis combined, it is the least known of all major diseases. Catherine is dedicated to making others aware of this painful disease. She distributes lupus awareness information, volunteers for and is a member of the Lupus Foundation of Illinois.

11-10-02 Foundation (

The 11-10-02 Foundation( is a nationally acclaimed foundation whose purpose is to:

1.) Break down racial and cultural barriers which is done through the mentoring program.

2.) Give away tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships through the 11-10-02 Foundation.

3.) Empower young people to believe they can do anything and accomplish anything through the 11-10-02 Foundation's Junior Scholarship Committee and, through internship programs where college students intern for the foundation, and Essay Challenges where students have a chance to write a proposal about how the foundation's money should be used.

Volunteer Articles

Catherine has put together tons of information about volunteering. In a six part series that appeared on the site's Monthly Matter page from April to September, these articles include just about everything you need to know about volunteering. Learn how to get started, how to start your own voulunteer project or organization, find books about volunteering, find organizations to volunteer with from a list of over 150 organizations, learn ways to give direct service, get volunteer tips and more. There's a whole world of volunteering and community service to explore. Get started now!!! Just click the links below.

Part 1:The Beauty and Benefits of Volunteering
Part 2:Getting Started: What's Best for You?
Part 3:Finding and Creating Projects and Organizations
Part 4:Organizations: So Where are You Going to Volunteer?
Part 5:Things to Do After Selecting an Organization
Part 6:Ways to Give Direct Service

Favorite Causes and Organizations

Catherine supports many causes and organizations but the ones she is most passionate about and spends the most time supporting are Breast Cancer, Lupus and the 11-10-02 Foundation(

How To Help The 11-10-02 Foundation

Here's how you can support the
11-10-02 Foundation( efforts:

1.) Sign up for the free weekly newsletter. Go to
2.) Sign up for the free quarterly newspaper.
3.) Address a specific need.
The 11-10-02 Foundation ( is in immediate need of a brand new desktop computer, a cell phone deal, a high speed printer, a sponsor for their next set of t-shirts, and a company willing to take part in their campaign.
4.) Make a tax-deductible contribution.
5.) Spread the word!.
Whether by e-mail, phone, mail or word of mouth just tell a friend to check them out and drop them an e-mail with feedback about the site and the foundation's efforts.

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